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Consulting, Technology & Training

Having been in the museum store marketplace since 1997 with both online and traditional retail operations we have experience. From Strategic Consulting, Technology Implementation to Assortment Planning and Conversion Training, we've been doing it for years!

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Marketing, Social Media & Store Programs

We've created both traditional and online marketing campaigns for speciality and museum stores, including prominent social media use and even a store-in-store program blending online and offline expereriences.

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Product Development, Sourcing & Licensing

We've helped companies source products locally and overseas, as well a prototyped, developed and produced custom products. From traditional manufacturing to 3D printing, licensing and packaging, we've done it.

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Case Studies

We've assisted stores and companies large and small, including:

  • A Forturne 500 company wanting a Museum replica for an annual showcase. We designed, prototyped and produced over 1,000 pieces in the USA, for distribution worldwide.
  • A Presidential Museum, wanting to replicate a piece from their host museum's collection, in small quantities.
  • An Online Museum Store with social media after an NBC News selected their product as a "Smart Gift for Smart People" a few holiday seasons ago.
  • An Online Retailer with the requirements, user experience and testing of eCommerce platforms capable of handling millions of visitor on and annual basis.
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